Antamedia Bandwidth Manager  

Bandwidth Manager - Bandwidth Shaper, Bandwidth Limiter, Easy Traffic Shaping

Bandwidth Manager - Easy Traffic Shaping, Bandwidth Limiter, Bandwidth Shaper


HotSpot Windows Compatible - Zero Client Administration

Windows Compatible

Windows software with user-friendly interface. It doesn't require any proprietary hardware so you can use any standard PC with two network cards to setup bandwidth shaper.

Zero Client Administration

No client software installation is required.

HotSpot Software - Bandwidth Limit Control (Traffic Shapping Management)   Bandwidth Quota Control (Traffic Quota Management)

Bandwidth Limit Control (Traffic Shaping Management)

A Bandwidth limit is configured in Kb/s for each account separately and represents speed a computer's Internet connection speed.

With Bandwidth Manager it's easy to set higher bandwidth for some of your computers and lower bandwidth for others. Controlling individual users bandwidth insures one customer can not interrupt the activity of another.

Bandwidth Quota Control (Traffic Quota Management)

A Bandwidth quota is configured in Mbytes for every account and represents the total amount of traffic available to a customer. Example: A customer can download 10 MB in one hour. This option can be disabled if you want to limit only the connection speed.

HotSpot Software -  User Accounts


There are 3 ways to grant Internet access to computers in your network:
Using Accounts that specify the IP or MAC of a computer. If an IP/MAC is found in the database, the computer is logged in and displayed in the list
Autologin - If enabled, a computer is logged in with default options (download, upload, quota, time etc)
Using Antamedia Internet Caffe Server to fully automate the login/logout process. As soon as Member, Timecode or postpaid session is started, Server will communicate with Bandwidth Manager and allow Internet access to the computer where the customer started their session. At the end of the session, access is blocked to the same computer, disabling any Internet traffic. This can reduce bandwidth if some online game has remained active or if viruses, spyware or trojans are consuming your bandwidth

Account Options

Download and Upload rate
Quota (total amount of data in MB available)
Unlimited quota (if you wish to limit only download/upload rate)
Time left (If you wish to set limited time per session)
Unlimited time option
Set allowed access hours for login
Account can be temporary disabled
Inactivity timeout (computer will be automatically logged out if there is no network activity within a specified time)

HotSpot Software - MAC Whitelist access control

MAC Whitelist

Enables specified computers (identified by MAC address of network card) to pass-through the Bandwidth Manager. For example: allow your home computer to acquire access without any limitations

HotSpot Software - Reports

Activity Log

Bandwidth Manager stores different actions, including session start and stop, time of login attempts etc. Database is encoded and protected from unauthorized modifications

HotSpot Software - Employee Accounts

Login Password

To access all software options, the administrator must enter a password. Staff will not be able to access and modify account details if not authorized


Suitable for CyberCafés

Bandwidth Manager is compatible with any available CyberCafé                management software

If used with Antamedia Internet Caffe, operation is fully automated. You can set different download and upload rates for your customers and computer Internet connection is disabled on session end

Suitable for other businesses

Enterprise that wants to provide
     limited Internet access to guests
Universities, Schools or other
     education institutions
Conference Centers
Resorts, Hotels, Motels
Coffee Shops
Shopping Malls
Business Centers

Network topologies

These are few examples of possible network topologies. In each of these examples, one computer with 2 network cards is required to run Bandwidth Manager software. This will be gateway for your computers.

Basic network topology, few computers, switch, computer running Bandwidth Manager

Basic network topology with laptops (could be any other computer with wireless card), access point connected to computer running Bandwidth Manager, which is connected to broadband Internet with UTP cable on second NIC. Type of connection can be different, this is just a basic example

Third example shows laptops and cafe computers. This is an example where computers from your cafe gets predefined download/upload speed, and visitors with laptops gets low speed surf for free (if autologin option is enabled in Bandwidth Manager). After payment, laptops could be set to get higher speed


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