Antamedia HotSpot Manual

What is Antamedia HotSpot software ?

Antamedia HotSpot Software is Windows PC gateway software which enables control and charging for Internet access using captive portal technology. This software is suitable for all purposes where customers should get fast login to system without Client software installations. Upon connecting to network (using wireless cards or UTP cable), customer will be prompted to type username and password to get access to Internet. Customer will see their time and bandwidth usage and will be able to refill their time when needed.

Before you begin, please make sure that you have configured Internet Connection Sharing on your computer. This is basic sharing method which comes with Windows. However, you can configure sharing in different way - using hardware or third party software.

If you need help with network setup, please check our network topology documents.

Main HotSpot control panel

Main panel shows the most important details of connected computers: IP and MAC address, username, time left, quota (bandwidth left for use), bandwidth (data transfer per second) and inactivity.
In case of unlimited time accounts, time left field will be represented as 'Unlimited'. If account has unlimited bandwidth, quota and bandwidth fields will show '...'
Bottom status line shows number of connected computers and total bandwidth used (data transfer per second).

If you prefer smaller computer icons, you can switch to compact view and display more computers in screen. Option is located in HotSpot - Setup - Options page.

Inactivity field shows time left in seconds before automatic logoff occur. Inactivity is optional for every account and default number of seconds can be specified in HotSpot - Network page. It's suitable to turn off this option for account if unlimited accounts is going to be used.

From the main panel you can choose one of the options:
• 'Computers' - Displays computers and their current status (screenshot below)
• 'Accounts' - Configure and generate customer accounts
• 'Statistics' - Shows earnings and action log for certain time period
• 'Setup' - Administrator options used to configure HotSpot Software
• 'Logoff' - Lock HotSpot Software. HotSpot will control traffic even if employee or administrator logoff.

Network setup

Please specify network interface which is used to connect local network to this computer. It is assumed that this computer is configured as gateway and connected to internet.
• 'Network Interface' - Choose network interface which is used to connect computers to your HotSpot
• 'Auto start HotSpot for selected interface' - Use it to automatically start HotSpot when program started
• 'IP address' - Set IP address of your network interface
• 'Maximum users' - Set how many computers can connect your HotSpot
• 'Inactivity logout' - Automatically disconnect customer from HotSpot after specified time of inactivity
• 'Start' - Start HotSpot control
• 'Stop' - Stop HotSpot control
• 'Save' - Save network settings


Working with accounts is very easy. You can sell your services in advance and your customers are obliged to come back. You can generate accounts for example, for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours and sell them to your customers. This time can be used when customer wants to. If there is some time left on their account, it can be used some other time when customer comes in your cafe.
When accounts are used, employee assistance is not needed. Customer will start session by typing username and password in login fields, and end his session by typing 'LOGOUT' in address bar in web browser. HotSpot Software is taking care of time calculations for you.

How to generate accounts ?

If you intend to generate multiple accounts at once, please define number of accounts to generate. You will be able to select 'Print bulk accounts (3x7 on one sheet)' option which allows you to prepare (generate and print) accounts in advance. When customer walks in, you can simply sell paper ticket which contains username, password, time and bandwidth available.

In case that single account should be generated when needed, please put 1 as number of accounts. Start number field will disappear and you will be able to make account like a customer name.

These are the steps to generate accounts:
1. Type how many accounts you want to generate in the 'Number Of Accounts' field
2. Choose Pricing Plan
3. Change Bandwidth Quota in MB (download limit for this accounts). Bandwidth quota is specified by pricing plan
4. Change Download and Upload Limit in KB/s (maximum download and upload speed). Bandwidth Limit is specified by pricing plan
5. Set account expiration in days
6. Choose if you want to sell the accounts 'Sell Later' or 'Sell Now'
7. 'Enable Unlimited Access Time' - Check this option if you want to give unlimited time to this customers
8. 'Enable Unlimited Bandwidth' - Use this option to enable unlimited download
9. Determine whether you want to print a receipt by checking 'Print bulk accounts (3x7 on one sheet)' option
10. Press 'Generate code' button
11. Press 'Save' button and accounts will be stored in a database

Account Details

Account details page contains most important account properties and offers time top-up and bandwidth settings.

• 'Username' - Account username
• 'Password' - Account Password. If you want to see account password uncheck Hide checkbox. To change account password, type new password in password field and press Save button
• 'Quota' - Download limit for this account
• 'Download' - Limit download speed
• 'Upload' - Limit upload speed
• 'Daily quota' - Limit download quota per day.
• 'Daily time' - Limit internet access time per day. If user have left time on the account after daily limit expire, user will be able to use the account next day.
• 'IP' - IP address of customers computer
• 'MAC' - MAC address of customers computer. This field is filled up upon customer login.
• 'Sell this account' - Use it to sell not sold accounts. Note that unsold accounts can't login to your HotSpot
• 'Add Plan' - Use it to add more time and bandwidth quota to the account
• 'Print receipt' - Determine if you want to print receipt
• 'Stop' - Logout account from the HotSpot
• 'Save' - Save account details

Manage Account

• 'Expiration date' - Set new expiration date to the account
• 'Set new time' - Set new time to the account
• 'Active' - If account is not active, your customer can't login to your HotSpot
• 'Enable Unlimited Access Time' - This option gives you the ability to give unlimited access time to customer
• 'Enable Unlimited Bandwidth' - This option enables unlimited download
• 'Only Allow Access' - If you set this option customer can login with his account only at specified time (set From/To)
• 'Inactivity timeout' - Uncheck this option to disable inactivity timeout for this account
• 'Delete account' - Delete this account from database
• 'Show all' - Show the list of all accounts
• 'Save' - Any change on manage account page require to press Save button

If you intend to offer 1 day access limited to specified hours, you can set from and to time fields. For example, 'From' 20:00 'To' 08:00 with expire date set to 1.
Accounts will be logged off automatically in 8:00 (8am).

Customer details

Fill the formular with the customer details: name, last name, e-mail address, address, city, country, phone, date of birthday, ID card and credit card info

Account login

As soon as customer connects to your Access Point (or switch, router in case of wired connectivity) and types any web URL address, login page will be displayed in browser. Login page contains username and password fields, login button, 'Open Infobox' option, link for help page, and sign up link if you have a license with credit card processing option.

To proceed, customer need to type username and password and to press Login button. To logout, customer can type Logout in address bar and press Enter key. To get information about left time and bandwidth quota on the account type Info in address bar.

Login page can be easily customized. You can use integrated page editor (if you're familiar with html) located in HotSpot - Setup - Pages - Customize page. If you're satisfied with page layout and just want to change logo (replace Antamedia HotSpot picture), please go to HotSpot - Setup - Pages - Quick Change page and choose your own JPG picture.

If you want to completely change layout of the page, you can use any of the web page editors (Dreamweaver, Front Page, etc). Please make sure that login fields, button and other elements stays with the same name. Otherwise you might experience login problems.

Account pricing plans

Pricing plans page allows creation of packages you will offer to your customers. Each plan is defined with price, time, bandwidth, description and days in which account expires.
If you have a license with credit card processing option, these plans will be available to customer for automated order. In sign-up page customer will see only description of package and it's recommended to put a highly descriptive plan information.

• 'Currency' - Set the currency used in Your country
• 'Price' - Set the price of the plan
• 'Time' - Set internet access time
• 'Quota (MB)' - Limit bandwidth quota
• 'Download' - Limit download speed in kb/s
• 'Upload' - Limit upload speed in kb/s
• 'Days xpire' - Use thi
• 'Description' - Describe the plan so you can find it easily when generate accounts
• 'Daily time' - Limit internet access time per day.
• 'Daily quota' - Limit bandwidth quota per day.
• 'Add' - Use this button to add pricing plan
• 'Remove' - Use this button to remove selected pricing plan
• 'Currency' - Type the symbol representing your currency
• 'Save' - Save pricing plan list

Examples how to create plans:

- 10$ pricing plan with 5 hours access time, bandwidth quota limited to 1GB and valid for 1 week

- 8$ pricing plan with unlimited access time, bandwidth quota limited to 2GB and valid for 2 days

- 12$ pricing plan with 10 hours access time, unlimited bandwidth quota and valid for 3 days

- 50$ pricing plan with unlimited access time, unlimited bandwidth quota and valid for 1 month

Taxes setup

This setup page offers highly configurable tax system. It's applied to time blocks and bandwidth quota. You can setup 3 different taxes with desired name (VAT, GST...) and percent with 3 decimals.
For more complex tax systems you can choose tax on tax options.

Receipt setup

Receipt setup allows customization how the receipt will look like when it is printed out. Receipt contains time used, price, subtotal, taxes. You can define Receipt Title, Receipt Header and Receipt Footer.

• 'Choose Receipt Printer' - Choose printer you want to use for receipt printing
• 'POS printer compatibility mode' - Use this option if you have POS receipt printer
• 'Show Logo On Receipt' - Determine if you want printed logo on receipt printer
• 'Choose Logo' - Set your logo. Logo must be in *.BMP format
• 'Show Date And Time' - Set this option if you want printed date and time on receipt
• 'Save' - Save your receipt setup

Credit cards

Credit card processing option is very important if you want to automate your HotSpot. With this option you can install unattended HotSpot gateway and our software will do all the job. Visitors willing to use your services can sign up for username and password, choose a pricing plan and pay with their credit card. Processing occurs within seconds and customers are able to continue using your services.

Antamedia HotSpot offers different credit card processing gateways. Complete list is located here.

Authorize.Net : If you have an account with API, please use API Login ID as Merchant Login and Transaction Key as merchant password.

PayPal: There are 2 PayPal processing options:
1. Website Payments Pro - available to US customers only
2. Express Checkout - available in other countries as described hre

Website Payments Pro payment is completed from our software and there is no need to transfer customer to PayPal site. Processing is completed faster but this option requires PayPal account with Payments Pro option enabled which is usually charged monthly by PayPal.

Express Checkout payment is initiated on HotSpot pages and completed on PayPal site. Customer can use existing PayPal account for payment which significantly simplifies order, and credit card payment is available for new customers who doesn't have PayPal account.

In order to use this option, your HotSpot need public IP (or IP of the network card connected on the Internet side) so you can receive PayPal payment confirmations. These confirmations activate account and stores payment details in the database. PayPal Express Checkout receipt can be customized and it's located in Pages\ReceiptCheckout.htm file. If you're upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3 version, please delete signup2.htm page from Pages folder. This page will be recreated to support Express Checkout.

After setting up, please check Site Whitelist page and make sure that:
and HotSpot public IP are listed there.

PayPal - Website Payments Pro

PayPal - Express Checkout

In both cases, Website Payments Pro or Express Checkout, you'll need to provide PayPal API username, API password and certificate file. Please follow these steps to obtain certificate file:
1. Login to merchant account
2. Click on Profile
3. Under Account Information, click on API Access
4. Click on Request API Credentials
5. Select API SSL client-side certificate
6. Select option "I agree to the API Certificate Terms of Use", click on Submit
7. You will get API Username and API Password. Type it in Antamedia HotSpot software
8. On the same page, please click on Download Certificate button
9. Save it in the same folder where software is installed. Make sure that correct path and name is written in certificate path.

To make sure that you have correct certificate file, please open it and verify that it begins with:

Example of such file follows:


SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is used to encrypt communication between Antamedia HotSpot and customer browser when user pay for the account with the credit card. In the HotSpot software - Setup - Credit Cards - SSL Setup page set the location of Certificate File, Private Key File and CAcert Root Certificate. Please note that default certificate file can be used. If you want to create Your own certificate file, please follow instructions from

Certificate file can be ordered from our partner Marc Smith. For more details please visit


Database operations

• 'Next Bill Number' - Set next bill number in statistic
• 'Delete Bill Database' - This option will erase complete bill database
• 'Delete LOG Database' - Log Database is used to store various actions. By time, it gets very large. It's recommended that you backup databases and delete Log Database periodically
• 'Export Registry Settings' - Use this option to export Antamedia HotSpot software settings in registry file
• 'Archive databases' - in ZIP format. Choose location on your hard drive where it should be stored

Account database

• 'Print accounts' with time left on the account and current status
• 'Export accounts' in CSV file (Comma separated values file, Microsoft Excel compatible)
• 'Import accounts' from CSV file
• 'Delete all accounts' - This option will erase complete account database
• 'Delete duplicate accounts' - Delete all duplicated accounts from the database
• 'Delete accounts' with following conditions: Exp Before (specified date), Last Used Before (specified date), Time Left Less Than (specified left time on the account), Inactive and Unsold accounts

Update accounts

- To define the same Internet connection speed to all accounts check options download and upload and set the speed in kb/s. Use Update all clients button.

-To define the same expiration date to all accounts set Expire in ... days and use Update all accounts button.


Statistics provide access to accounting and reporting. You can see a list of bills with date and time of charge, account username, subtotal tax and total amount charged.

You can easily filter bills and get report for specified time period. Options available on this page are:
• 'Calculate' - Show and calculate bills for specified time period
• 'Export' - Export your report in *.csv, *.txt, *.html or *.pdf format
• 'Print' - Print report

Action Log database

All actions of the employees are logged and this can be used for detail analysis. Every Start and Stop of the session, employee login and Logoff, every sell is stored in central database log file. Of course, there is filter engine for faster search. You are able to filter database by date, action, computer IP or MAC address and username.

• 'Show' - Show action LOG database
• 'Export' - Export action LOG database in *.csv, *.txt, *.html or *.pdf format
• 'Print' - Print Action LOG database


There are two kind of passwords used to access Antamedia HotSpot software. Administrator has a unique password which allows access to all software options and to setup page. Employee accounts comes with limited privileges: access to HotSpot Setup pages is disabled.

How to create employee account:
1. Type name and password of your employee
2. Press Add button to store new employee in database
3. Repeat steps (1) and (2) if you need to create more accounts
4. Press Save button
Use Remove button to delete selected employee account

To set Administrator password:
1. Type password
2. Press 'Save' button

Packet filter

Packet filter option can be used to block specified IP addresses and Ports for outgoing traffic. You can block specified port for range of addresses or range of ports for specified address.

• 'Add' - Use it to add specified IP addresses and Ports in the block list
• 'Remove' - Remove selected IP address or Port from block list
• 'Save' - Save block list

URL filtering and URL tracking

Antamedia HotSpot software have ability to track and block unwanted web sites. Web sites will be automatically blocked if specified keywords appear in url address. This way you can prevent access to porn, warez and other web sites that do not comply with your usage terms.

If you enable URL Tracking option, every visited web site address will be stored in text (*.txt) file, along with details wether the site was allowed or blocked. Log contains customer username, time and date, so this option can be used to analyze which web sites your customers visit and for latest antiterorism reports.

Example: by default of HotSpot software specified keywords are: sex, erotic, nude and porn. Each web site which include any of this keywords is automatically blocked:, etc...

DHCP server

DHCP server option assigns IP addresses to the client computers instead of your access point. Please configure Subnet Mask and DNS addresses.
DHCP can be used to provide fixed IP addresses to specific MAC addresses. For example when specific computer requires always the same IP .

Excluded IPs can be used to disable assigning of specific IPs. For example if you want to reserve IPs in range - for computer in your cafe which are used by Internet Caffe software

Remote Login

Remote database login allow multiple HotSpots to connect to one database server and share all accounts. Database server should be located outside local network (which is controlled). Please create these folder c:\Antamedia\HotSpot and unpack database inside. You will find there DBAdmin tool and DBSrvr which is of course database server. Download database server from

Enable remote database login option
Configure IP address of Your database server
Configure compression of database. Database compression depend of Internet connection. In the case of slower internet connection configure higher compression.
Set database server username and passwords. Preconfigured account is: user: hotspot, pass: admin
Save remote database login setup configuration

Database server allows 5 HotSpots to connect.

SMTP roaming

Some of ISPs (Internet service providers) do not allow sending e-mails through other ISPs. SMTP roaming option can be used to fix this problem. HotSpot software tracks port 25 which is used for e-mail sending. All traffic from this port will be routed through SMTP server which you define. This way, customer will not need to change any SMTP settings in e-mail client (Outlook, The Bat ...).

To activate SMTP roaming, please check 'Enable' and type address of your SMTP mail server. This server have to be outside of local network which is controlled by Antamedia HotSpot. If you don't know IP, please resolve it by typing SMTP URL, choose IP and press Save button.

Misc options

• 'Display small laptop icons' - Change the size of laptop icons in the list of connected users (main page)
• 'Enable multiple logins with one account' - With this option enabled the same account can be used on few computers at the same time
• 'Verify MAC address and enable login only if it's done from the same computer' - Limit login always from the same computers. Computers are recognized by MAC address
• 'Force clearing account IP addresses on HotSpot restart' - Clear all account IP addresses on HotSpot software restart
• 'Increase daily limits (quota and time) to default values when saving account modifications' - Reset daily limits to the defaults when make any modifications to the account

Free access

With Free access option allow access to the Internet without chanrge using specified login keyword. Free access option is based on MAC addresses so you can limit access:

• 'Time' - Limit internet access time
• 'Quota' - Limit Bandwidth quota
• 'Download' - Limit download speed
• 'Upload' - Limit upload speed
• 'Allow free access' - Allow free access only at specified daytime
• 'Maximum logins per day' - Limit number of logins per day from the same computer
• 'Maximum allowed logins' - Limit allowed free access logins from the same computer
• 'Login keyword' - Set the keyword used for free access login

Customize pages

Antamedia HotSpot software gives you ability to customize: Login, Logout, Welcome, Max users, Restricted, Infobox, Infobox Logout, Info and Help pages. All of this pages are in HTML code format.
If you prefer to edit pages using Web page editing software (Dreamweaver, Front Page, etc) you can open these pages from c:\Antamedia\HotSpot\Pages folder.

Custom login

Custom login option enables different login pages for different computer. Example: If your customer login to your HotSpot from IP address, in customers web browser will be loaded customlogin.htm page. If customer login to your HotSpot from IP address, in web browser will be loaded customlogin2.htm page

• 'Add' - Add IP or MAC address and login page tob the list
• 'Remove' - Remove selected IP address from the list
• 'Choose' - Choose login page from hard disk

Change logo

Change logo displayed on default HotSpot pages. Existing logo stored in default location c:\Program Files\HotSpot\www\HotSpot.jpg will be replaced with your new logo.

MAC whitelist

Antamedia HotSpot software gives you ability to specify MAC addresses of computers which should pass through the hotspot without authentification. MAC address is a unique identifier attached to most forms of networking equipment.

• 'Add' - Add MAC to the whitelist
• 'Remove' - Remove selected MAC address from the whitelist
• 'Save' - Save you MAC whitelist

Web site whitelist

This option gives you ability to specify web sites which can be accessed by customers without authentification. Option can be used for advertising purposes.
You can type host names only and IP addresses will be filled automatically after pressing on Add button.

• 'Add' - Add web address to the web site whitelist
• 'Remove' - Remove selected web site from the whitelist
• 'Save' - Save your web site whitelist

If you have any question which is not explained in Manual, feel free to contact us!

To download latest versions of our software please go to download section.

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