Antamedia Internet Caffe
Setup Manual

How to configure IP addresses ?

To configure IP addresses of the Client computers, follow these steps:
1. Install Internet Caffe Client on every client computer in your cafe
2. Press 'Connect clients' button to automatically scan your network for clients, or manually add Client IP addresses (press'+' button to store each Client IP in the list)
3. Use Up/Down arrows to position Client IP in desired order (how it will be displayed on Server screen)
4. If you use dynamic IP addresses check option Dynamic IP's
5. In server IP address field select Ip address of network card connected with the client computers
6. When you're done , press 'Save' button.

How to change number of computers ?

1. Make sure that you have purchased license suitable to the number of computers in your cafe
2. Press 'Number of clients' button
3. Type how many clients you have in your cafe
4. Press 'OK' button (or press Enter key)
If you want to upgrade your license to higher number of computers, please contact us.

How to make employee account ?

New account for your employee can be created on the Server - Setup -Employees page.
1. Type name and password of your employee
2. Press '+' button to store new employee in database
3. Repeat steps (1) and (2) if you need to create more accounts
4. Press 'Save' button

From this moment your employee can login on Caffe Server. They will have limited privileges: disabled access to Setup pages of Caffe Server, disabled deletion of bill items (if you have specified this option), restricted Statistics...

How to setup passwords ?

There are two kind of passwords used to access setup page on Server and Client. Administrator have his own, unique password. It's used to access Caffe Server 'Setup' page.

There's additional password which is used for administration of the Client computers. This way administrator can keep his password for Server administration and (if he wants to) give permissions to the employees to maintain Client options.

To set Administrator password:
1. Type password
2. Press 'Save' button

To set password used to access Caffe Client Setup:
1. Make sure that all Clients are connected to Server
2. Type password
3. Press 'Save' button
New Client password will be sent to each Client. To enter Client setup, type ADMIN as username and client password in password field on Client Mask.

Employee restrictions

• 'Hide POS from employees' -Use this option to hide POS button from main server panel
• 'Hide Statistics From Employees' - Statistic button on main server screen is hidden from employees.
• 'Hide System keys option...' - Use this option to hide Disable system keys button located in computer info panel from employees
• 'Hide Show Desktop button from employees' - Check option to hide Show Desktop button from employees.
• 'Hide Shutdown Computers button from employees' - With this option Shutdown All Client Computers button from main server screen is hidden from employees.
• 'Hide START/STOP button from employees' - In the case You use just pre-paid tickets, disable play&pay mode from the employees
• 'Hide Reservation button from employees' - Use the option to hide Reservation button from the employees located in the main server panel
• 'Hide Add Time buttom from employees' - With this option disable add more time to the pre-paid accounts for the employees
• 'Restrict run for all programs except Internet Caffe Server' - If your employees are spending too much time surfing and checking e-mail, restrict run for all other programs. They will be able to run only Caffe Server and nothing else.
• 'Employee can close Caffe Server' - This option gives you ability to enable/disable Caffe Server closing for employees.

Server options

• 'Enable login even if bill is not charged' - With this option you can enable login even if bill of previous customer is not charged.
• 'Enable quick guide' - Check it to enable quick guide on server
• 'Play sound' - This option gives you ability to enable/disable server software sounds.
• 'Printer tracking' - Check to enable printer tracking.
• 'Automatically start client after hardware reboot' - Use this option if you want to enable automatic session login. After reset of client computer, customer will be able to continue his work without login
• 'Automatically start client after hardware reboot (Timecodes and members)' - Use this option to enable automatic timecode or member account login of the client computer reboot during the session.
• 'Enable quit hotkeys (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12)' - With this option you can exit caffe server and leave clients logged in.
• 'Program priority' - Give higher CPU priority to Caffe Server if you have couple of programs running on server computer. However it's not recommended to run memory and processor demanding applications on Server computer if you want to achieve maximum stability.

Client options

-Main client options located in Server - Setup - Client - Main Options page :
• 'Open' - Open all clients in setup mode (show client setup panel).
• 'Protect' - Return all client computers in protected mode.
• 'Close' - Close Caffe client software on all computers and return to windows mode.
• 'Restart' - Restart internet caffe client software on all computers
• 'Prepare' - Prepare CLients for first update - Install IChelper,exe
• 'Enable 1/5 minute notification before session end' - "1/5 minute left" sound will be played and clock panel will flash on 1 and 5 minute before session end
• 'Play 1 minute warning on server' - On the server computer notify 1 minute before client computer finish the session

-Additional Client options located in Server - Setup - Client - Additional page :
• 'End session if client is disconnected from server' - If client lose connection with server, customers session will be automatically stopped after 45 seconds.
• 'Enable screen saver' - Use this option to enable Screen saver on client computer.
• 'Customer have to confirm session end' - When customer press LOGOFF button in new popup menu 'Are you finished and would like to end session? press OK or continue' need to confirm are they want to finish session.
• 'Disable taskbar context menu' - Use this option to disable context menu in taskbar (toolbars, properties...)
• 'Disable ALT+TAB key' - Use this option to disable ALT+TAB key combination on the client computers
• 'Enable system keys on XP' - If you need windows system keys enabled, check this option
• 'Do not show info page at session start' - Check this option to disable info page on session start
• 'Do not popup chat page when message arrive, just play sound' - Disable popup menu when message arrive
• 'Do not popup time left message on info page, just play sound' - Disable time left popup message
• 'Always visible client control panel' - Option is used to ensure that Client is always visible on desktop. If you uncheck this option, Client panel will go background and other applications will be able to maximize to full screen.
• 'Hide Timecode and Member button on clients' - Use this option to hide timecode and member buttons from client protection mask.
• 'Set timecode as default option ' - If you don't use MEMBER accounts, only TIMECODES, check this option to leave only timecode field on client protection mask.
• 'Do not show Order button on clients' - With this option disable POS orders from client computers
• 'Do not show Add Time button on clients' - Use the option to hide Add Time button on the client computers. With this option enabled Your customers will not be able to use other timecode to extend the pre-paid account using other timecode
• 'Do not show Logout button on clients' - With this option enabled Your customers will not be able to finish the session from the client computer. Session can be closed only from the server computer, or it will close itself when time runs out on the pre-paid ticket.

Client skin

• 'Client skin' - Change skin on client computers (option requires restart of client computers).
• 'Taskbar' - Change a look of clients taskbar.
• 'Install new skin' - Use it to install new client skins.

Logo and graphics options

• 'Change logo' - Note that Logo is visible only with classic skin. If you want to show logo on some other skin, you need to modify flash login page and create your skin
• 'Don't show flags' - Use it to hide language options from client protection mask
• 'Hide start button and desktopicons' - Use this option to hide start menu button and and desktop icons on client computers
• 'Change wallpaper' - Change desktop wallpaper. Picture must be in JPF format. Any size will be streched
• 'Client color mask' - Change color of client protection mask

How to add more programs ?

Specifying which programs can be used on Client computer is very simple. Put shortcuts in particular folders and these programs will be available for use.

Default folders where the shortcuts should be placed are:
c:\program files\Cafe\internet
c:\program files\Cafe\office
c:\program files\Cafe\media
c:\program files\Cafe\games

You can define other shortcut location. Just choose program category, set shortcut location on your hard disc and use Update Clients option.

Info page

Customize welcome message on client info page. Message is in HTML code format.

Banner adds

To setup banner adds follow these steps:

1. Type full URL address of the web page containing banners
2. Set banner slideshow delay in seconds
3. Press 'Send to clients' button

Clients will download banner adds from specified web page and start cycling them. Every banner have it's URL link to the web page that you specify. When your customer click on banner add, web browser will be opened and desired web page will be displayed.
Example of the web page containing banners can be found at:

It's very important that banner URL links start with ' http:// ' (without the quotes).
Check example page to see properly configured banner page.

How to show web page on the client mask ?

Caffe Client can show web page on client mask, replacing mask logos. Use it if you want to give your customers limited free surf on your site or to make regular announcements. In this case you will need to maintain only one announce web page and clients will load it on every boot of your computer. Please note that you must limit outbound links on this page (so the customers will not be able to view other pages on internet).

1. Check 'Show web page' checkbox
2. Type full URL of the web page that will be used as the start page
3. Press 'Send To Clients' button

Batch files

If you want to run some application or batch files when session starts on ends, please choose batch and select conditions when it's executed. Batch file will be transferred from server to all clients.

Sending reports to e-mail

Statistical HTML Reports can be sent to specified E-Mail. If you want, it can be sent when the Client starts or on demand by pressing the button on the main server's screen. Setup instructions:

1. Set SMTP server (it is used to send email). If you're not sure which one is, check out settings in your mail program (Outlook, Eudora...).
2. Set Username (first part of your mail address - before @ sign).
3. Type Email where the report should be sent
4. Set when you want to send report
5. Press 'Save' button

SMTP server: smtp.ptt.yu
With this settings report will be sent to using smtp.ptt.yu server and username specified.

What is (built-in) web server ?

Internet Caffe Server has built-in WEB SERVER. It is used to track cafe management from any (internet connected) computer in the world. To check current state of your cafe and get instant report, follow these steps:

1. Run your favorite Web Browser (like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera)
2. Type the IP address of Caffe Server in your browser (where you usually type URL address of web sites). It's something like:
3. Login page will be loaded asking you for password
4. Type Administrator password (or password of Client computers)
5. Press 'Login' button (or press Enter key)

Take a look at HTML Report example. You can see usage statistics by Timecodes and Play & Pay, which drinks, hardware or services are charged, and what is currently on the customer bills. Access to this report is password protected.

Database operations

• 'Next bill number' - Set next bill number in report
• 'Delete bill database' - This option will erase complete bill database. It is recommended to set next bill number to 0 (zero) when you erase the main bill database.
• 'Delete LOG database' - Log Database is used to store various actions. By time, it gets very large. It's recommended that you backup all databases and delete Log Database periodically.
• 'Delete time usage database' - Use this option to delete time usage database from statistics.
• 'Delete inventory database' - Use this option to delete inventory database from statistics.
• 'Export registry settings' - Use this option to export server settings in registry file.
• 'Optimize database' - This option is used to repair and optimize database (Archive your database and stop all cafe activity before performing this task).
• 'Archive database' in ZIP format. Choose location on your hard drive where it should be stored.

Timecodes database

• 'Next timecode PIN' - Set PIN number for next generated timecode
• 'Print timecodes' - with time left on code and current status
• 'Export timecodes to excel' - CSV (Comma separated values)
• 'Import timecodes' - from CSV file (Comma separated values)
• 'Delete timecodes database' - This option will erase complete Timecode Database
• 'Delete timecodes' with following conditions: Exp Before (specified date), Last Used Before (specified date), Time Left Less Than (specified left time on timecode account), Inactive and Unsold timecodes

Members database

• 'Delete member database' - This option will erase complete Member Database
• 'Reset total time to members' - Reset total time to 0:00 for all members
• 'Print members' - with their name, e-mail and total time that the have spent online in your cafe
• 'Export members to excel' - CSV (Comma separated values)
• 'Import members to eexcel' - from CSV file (Comma separated values)
• 'Delete member accounts' with following conditions: Last Used Before (specified date) and Time Left Less Than (specified left time on members account)

Play & Pay pricing

With Internet Caffe Software for play&pay mode You can set up to five different price groups using four price methods (Basic, Block, Bulk and Sheduled pricing). Price group option gives you ability to use different price methods on client computers(Example: client computers number 1,2 and 3 use price group with basic price method, client computer number 4 and 5 use price group with block pricing method etc. )

'Currency' - Type the symbol representing your currency. If the sign is not properly shown, check the 'Character Set' property (located on 'Language' page). For UK pound sign, set 'Western' Character Set.

- Basic Pricing

• 'Price per hour' is the price which you will charge for one hour of your services (Office programs, Internet or Game play). There are three (3) pricing groups for each kind of applications. If you have the same pricing, set this values to the same amount.
• 'Minimum price' determines what the lowest charge can be. $4.50 means that even if a client is only on for 30 seconds, the charge will be $4.50
• 'Start price' is immediately added to customer bill when the session starts. Total sum is calculated as 'Start price' + 'Price/h'. If you don't want to charge it, leave '0.00' in this field.
When the setup is done, press 'Save' button and clients will automatically update when connected.

- Block Pricing

Block Pricing gives you ability to set price like this: $1.00 for every 15 mins, which makes $4.00 per hour in 1/4 hrs steps with minimum price $1.50

• 'Price per block' is the price which you will charge for one block of your services (Office programs, Internet or Game play). There are three (3) pricing groups for each kind of applications. If you have the same pricing, set this values to the same amount
• 'Minimum price' determines what the lowest charge can be. $4.50 means that even if a client is only on for 30 seconds, the charge will be $4.50
• 'Start price' is immediately added to customer bill when the session starts. Total sum is calculated as 'Start price' + 'Price/h'. If you don't want to charge it, leave '0.00' in this field.
• 'Block Time' - set time interval for Block
• 'Allow Up To ... Minutes' - set how many minutes of new block you want to allow without charge

- Bulk Pricing

Bulk Pricing method gives you ability to set several blocks with different time interval and price (Example: first time block of 5 minutes you will charge 0.50$, next time block of 10 minutes you will charge 1.00$ and every next time block of 20 minutes will be charged 1.50$)

• 'Charge Per Block' - set this option if you want to charge per block as block pricing, or uncheck this option to charge per minute as basic pricing
• 'Test' - use it to test your price method
• 'Minimum price' - determines what the lowest charge can be

- Sheduled Pricing

There are 5 pricing groups which can be applied for different computers or consoles. Each Group has different prices during the day. Unmodified fields have default default prices specified in Setup page. To Create new time slot, select fields by holding mouse button and press Space key, or right click on right mouse button. New time slot will be created with separate price per hour for Internet, Games and Office usage. To delete time slot, select and press Delete key. To move it, press on left blue vertical line and move on desired location.

Pre-Paid pricing

On this page set prices for Pre-Paid time tickets. This prices are used for Timecodes and Pre-Paid Member accounts.

Specify time blocks and prices for Pre-Paid usage. Press '+' to add time slot, '-' to delete timecode.
• 'Allow employee to sell this time block' - Unmarked time blocks can be sold only by administrator while time blocks marked with '•' can be sold by any employee. Unmarked time blocked are hidden for employees. You can use it to create limited tickets promotions, or to sell pre-paid tickets in different location or through vending machine.


Specify discount names and percents. Add new discount type by pressing '+' button and and Save when finished. Use '-' to delete discount type.

Credit cards

Credit card processing option is very important if you want to automate Internet Caffe software. Visitors willing to use your services can sign up for username and password, choose a pricing plan and pay with their credit card directly from the client computer. Processing occurs within seconds and customers are able to continue using your services.

Antamedia Internet Caffe software offers different credit card processing gateways. Complete list is located here.

Authorize.Net : If you have an account with API, please use API Login ID as Merchant Login and Transaction Key as merchant password.

Website Payments Pro payment is completed from our software and there is no need to transfer customer to PayPal site. Processing is completed faster but this option requires PayPal account with Payments Pro option enabled which is usually charged monthly by PayPal.

You'll need to provide PayPal API username, API password and certificate file. Please follow these steps to obtain certificate file:
1. Login to merchant account
2. Click on Profile
3. Under Account Information, click on API Access
4. Click on Request API Credentials
5. Select API SSL client-side certificate
6. Select option "I agree to the API Certificate Terms of Use", click on Submit
7. You will get API Username and API Password. Type it in Antamedia HotSpot software
8. On the same page, please click on Download Certificate button
9. Save it in the same folder where software is installed. Make sure that correct path and name is written in certificate path.

To make sure that you have correct certificate file, please open it and verify that it begins with:

Example of such file follows:


Important: Website Payments Pro is available to US customers only

Point Of Sale (POS) setup

• 'Number of visible POS pages' - Set how many categories you have in Point Of Sale page
• 'Round bill' - Set if you want to round bills to lower price (Round Down), higher prices (Round Up), normal rounding or disable it
• 'Enable access to stock control for employees' - Employees can access to stock control
• 'Close point Of sale after bill charging' - Point Of Sale page will be automatically closed when you charge bill
• 'Automatically show point of sale after customer logoff' - When customer ends session on client, Point Of Sale page will be automatically shown
• 'Employee can delete items from customer bill' - Uncheck option to disable deletion of Bill items (by clicking on '-' button on the Bill Panel) .

How to setup drinks, hardware or services (Point Of Sale)?

1. Find Drink, Service or Hardware page in Point Of Sale
2. Right click on item and in new popup menu choose • 'Edit'
3. Type name of the product (or service)
4. To change item picture click on Change picture and set your *.bmp picture
5. Type price per unit
6. Set Tax
7. Set count on stock
8. Set if you want to warn you if drop below certain number of items.
9. Press 'Save' button

Tip: Put 0 for warn option to disable warning messages

For quick setup of Point of sale items use Item setup page

Receipt setup

Receipt setup allows you to customize what the receipt will look like when it is printed out. Charges and time used will be filled in automatically when printing out a customer's receipt. Set Receipt Title, Receipt Header and Receipt Footer text.

• 'Choose receipt printer' - Choose printer you want to use for printing of receipts
• 'Print receipt on small printer (35 characters)' - It's useful when printing receipts to Star (or similar) receipt printers. This option sends ASCII characters to printer. Tip: to make receipt longer, add few empty lines in receipt footer
• 'Show logo on receipt' - Determine if you want printed logo on receipt printer
• 'Choose logo' - Set your logo. Logo must be in *.BMP format
• 'Show date and time' - Set this option if you want printed date and time on receipt

Cash drawer

• 'Open cash drawer after POS charge' - Check this checkbox if you want to open cashdrawer automatically after each charge
• 'Use printer LPT port instead of serial COM port' - This option works only with W9x
• 'COM port' - Set COM port where is connected Cash Drawer
• 'CHR' - Set CHR decimal value which is used to open Cash drawer (On this page You can find decimal values for some of the cash drawers. First check, maybe you have one of this cash drawers)

Language modules

Language editor is integrated in Caffe Server. You can make a translation very easy:
1. Go to SETUP -> LANGUAGE page
2. Choose sentence (word) in the list and it will appear in Edit field below
3. Type translation in Edit field
4. Press Enter key and new line will be stored in memory
5. Repeat steps 2-4 for all sentences you want to translate
6. When you finish, press 'Save language as' button
7. Type the new name of a translation file and press 'Save' button

From this moment Caffe Server will start with your translation. You can copy this file to Client computers and setup this language translation on each of them.
File is located in server folder: c:\program files\caffe\language
To search for the phrase use 'Find word' field or type the line number in the '#' field.
Support for different Character Sets: Western, Baltic, Cyrillic (Russian, Macedonian, Serbian), Chinese, Greek, Arabic, Korean, Thai...

Protection features

Internet Caffe package features very good protection of the computers in your cafe.

Access to the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys, desktop icons, start button and windows taskbar is disabled by default. You can additionally restrict access to the local drives, Control Panel, Printers and ANY window you choose.

• 'Close all open programs on session end' - When customer end his session, there could be some open programs left on desktop. It is not nice when next customer find those open programs, which he have to close. Checking this option all programs will be terminated when the session is ended. To ensure that certain applications have to remain active (Anti-Virus software for example), type here names of application executables.
• 'Wait for ... seconds' : Allows you to delay closing of all active programs. When customer logs off, timer is started with number of seconds you have specified. If customer doesn't login again for this time, active programs are closed.
• 'Reset client after session end (in minutes)' - If you want always 'fresh' computers for your customers, check this option. When the customer ends the session and client computer is not used for specified time, it will be rebooted.
• 'Shutdown client after session end (in minutes)' - Use the option to shutdown client computer when customer finish the session.
• 'Run as shell' - This option enables running of background software that is usually started on Windows boot
• 'Boot keys' - This option gives you ability to enable/disable (F8,F5,F4)
• 'Show control panel and printers' - Uncheck this option to hide control panel and printers on client computers and press • 'Save' button (when all clients are connected).
• 'Hide network neighborhood' - Network locations will be hidden from customers
• 'Empty recent docs folder on reboot' - Check this option if you want to empty Docs folder on every reboot
• 'Hide drives in my computers' - With this option you can hide local drives on your client computers
• 'Disable registry tools' - Use this option to disable Registry Tools on your clients
• 'Disable run command' - Check this option to hide'Run' command from Start Menu
• 'Disable find command' - Check this option to hide'Search'command from Start Menu
• 'Disable changes to start menu' - This option gives you ability To disable changes to Start Menu on your clients
• 'Hide local drives on clients' - Check drives you want to hide on clients computers (requires restart)

When the setup is done, press 'Save' Button and clients will automatically update when connected.

It is very important to connect all Clients to Server so they can receive new settings.

Blocked windows

To disable certain programs on client computers, use 'Blocked windows' feature.

Field (1) will restrict access to the specific option in application. By default, 'Save,Properties' are auto closed. This means that only specified option will be closed and application will remain active and working.

Field (2) is used for restricting complete applications. Type here window captions that you want to automatically terminate. By default, applications 'MS-DOS,Registry' are terminated.
Press 'Send to clients' button when you finish setup.
With this, you can disable access to ANY window you choose, or to ANY application.

1. Captions are case sensitive.
2. Separate captions with comma (,).
3. 'Window caption' means Application Title bar (text on the blue line located on top of the window)

Internet explorer protection

• 'Disable disk browse ability with int.explorer' - When user try to open local folders or files like: file:// , c:\ , d:\ restriction warning will be displayed
• 'Disable Toolbar changing' - Check this option to disable toolbar changing in Internet Explorer
• 'Disable Internet Options menu' - Set this option to disable access to Internet Options menu
• 'Disable Open File menu' - Use this option to disable 'Open' file menu in Internet Explorer
• 'Disable File/Save As menu' - Use this option to disable 'Save As' menu in Internet Explorer
• 'Disable Save As dialog when downloading file' - Set this option to disable • 'Save As' dialog which can be used for downloading files from Internet
• 'Disable File/New menu' - Use this option to disable access to File/New menu
• 'Disable browser context menu' - Right click in Internet Explorer page will not work
• 'Empty temporary internet files on exit' - Check this option To empty temporary internet files when you exit internet explorer
• 'Clear typed address history on every session end' - Use this option to clear typed address history in Internet Explorer at the end of every session
• 'Disable Find files and F3 key' - Use it to disable Find file option and F3 key in Internet Explorer

Internet Caffe software update center

Central updating for clients and server with update progress tracking, version information, changelog is available in the Server - Setup - Client - Update Center page. With this option all clients can be updated to the last version of Internet Caffe software by single mouse click.

• 'Check for updates when Server starts' - Use the option to check on every Server software start is available new version of Internet Caffe software.
• 'Check' - Check for new version of Internet Caffe software. If new version of the software available, near Update button will be shown version number.
• 'What's New' - Check the list of new features released in new version of the software
• 'Update' - Press the button to update the software to the last available version. If You update the clients please tick Update checkboxes which client computers you want to update.

Other options

Caffe Server and Caffe Client continuously Monitor CD devices. Use this to track usage of your CD-RW. Every Tray-In and Tray-Out is stored in Action Log Database.

If you have any question which is not explained in Manual, feel free to contact us!

To download latest versions of our software please go to download section.

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